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Alday is a collage artist who presents his personal vision of past histories using ephemeral materials: roughly torn pieces of paper, old letters, scribbles taken from exercise books, and discarded receipts since forgotten, all expertly assembled to form deeply sensitive collages on canvas representative of the passage of time. Born in 1959 in Chile, Fernando Alday currently lives and works in Barcelona.

Among the torn lines, mysterious faces subtly verge on the invisible and often reflect influential Italian masters from another era. Alday constantly reinvents collective memory with the intricate use of his materials and themes echoing ancient history in the form of Greek goddesses that continue to inspire his startlingly beautiful and original portraits. 

Alday´s urban landscapes are inspired by Barcelona´s wide avenues and grand buildings. The facades of which seem to emerge from the pages of a scrap book carrying the same delicacy as his figures. 
Alday has been showing his work in Barcelona since 1993 to wide acclaim, winning the Montcada de Pintura prize and exhibiting in prestigious spaces such as the CCCB and the Museo Textil I d´Induentaria. His pieces have been featured in exhibitions around the globe.